If you see life as the ultimate canvas, and your tools are conduits for the Universe to express through you;
imEYEgination is a place where wisdom and creativity converge to create transformative narratives.
I believe every creator possesses a unique vision
and great things can happen when TWO VISIONS come together.
I'm Ignacio Kirby, the Founder and Director of imEYEgination 
I'm a passionate vision channeler, visual artist, and
a lifelong seeker of creative expression.

For over a decade, I've traversed the realms of photography, filmmaking, and graphic design; immersing myself
in the art of portraying moments that transcend time and space.

But I am not just someone who edits a nice video or creates pretty things.
Years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey, to break the stiffness of my mental and egoic constructs, to unlock energetic, physical, and emotional channels. 
This liberation allowed me to conceive life in profoundly creative ways,
embracing the void without succumbing to external drives. 
Instead, I learned to cultivate a healthy dialogue with my internal world, fostering organic habits of vitality. 
Through this process, I've emerged as a vessel of wisdom and creativity, channeling the boundless energy of the universe to illuminate my path
and guide others toward their inner truth.
I intend to reflect this in every piece that I create. 
I'm a conduit for The Divine to express itself through me,
navigating this beautiful journey called life and
sharing my experiences through the language of art.
My truest canvas remains my life, where every moment is an opportunity
for self-expression, to create and express from the depths of my heart.
Join me on this sacred quest 
of creativity, authenticity, and self-discovery.
Together, we will weave a tapestry of wisdom
that inspires, empowers, and transforms lives.
Co-Creating Your Vision: 
Empowering Your Message through Artistic Expression

- What can I do?: I specialize in co-creating transformative visual art pieces tailored to your unique vision and message.
I don't just craft videos or design images; I become a channel for your message, attuning energetically to your story and infusing each piece with symbolism and colors that amplify its impact.

- Do I become your employee? No. As a Creative Visionary, I offer commissioned services to individuals and brands seeking to convey their message and insights through captivating visuals.

- Are we a match? Let's hop on a call and find out! But be sure about this:
I don't need your credentials. I don't care if you're an intuitive coach, an artist, a spiritual healer, a podcaster, or whatever. 
Forget about categories, if you are someone with a profound story to tell, and you speak from the bottom of your heart, then I'm here to translate your vision into mind-blowing videos, series of images, posters, or whatever visual pieces that resonate deeply with you and your audience.

- How are my rates determined? My rates are flexible and tailored to the complexity of the work, taking into account factors such as the effort required, and the tools needed.
Let's embark on a journey of co-creation and bring your vision to life in ways that transcend boundaries and inspire souls worldwide.

Every path we walk leads us back to the same destination: Ourselves. 
I hope I can meet you there.
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